Anthroponics is an emerging field of hydroponics in which human biowaste such as urine is used to grow plants in a soiless environment, with recirculating water.

I believe anthroponics can play a key role in reaching sustainable hydroponics, in decentralizing wastewater treatment, and in decentralizing food production.

Through the last 2 years and with the help of organizations such as the New University of Lisbon, Grönare Stad AB, Hemmaodlat, and Lund University, I have been researching this new field so as to learn more about the underlying processes, and optimize the treatment and growing processes in anthroponics. The goal is nothing short of a moonshot: to prove that human biowaste can safely be used for food production, and in a more sustainable and resource-conservative way than traditional agriculture and wastewater treatment.

If you also share this passion and would like to learn more feel free to leave a message in the comment section. You can also join a more global discussion at the subreddit /r/anthroponics.


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  1. Hi!!!

    Let me introduce, i’m jacopo a student of environmental economics from university of Turin (itala). I’m the aministrator of the aquaponics map and of a survey that i going around on web :) please contact me by email or by Facebook (aquaponics Questionnaire). I would like to talk with you about aquaponics and know your idea

    Thank you, ciao ciao


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