Anthroponics (sometimes referred to as peeponics, urineponics, hummonia, and even bioponics) is a type of hydroponics system that uses human waste like urine as the source of nutrients for the cultivated plants.

In general, the human urine or mixed waste is collected and stored for a period of time, before being applied either directly or passed through a biofilter before reaching the plants. As a form of organic hydroponics, anthroponics combines elements of both hydroponics and aquaponics systems.

The name Anthroponics is a portmanteau of the ancient greek word “anthropo“, meaning man, with the ancient greek word “ponos“, meaning toil/labor. In this sense, the name intends to combine “related to man” with “hydroponics“, or “waterworking” (literal interpretation of “hydro” + “ponos“), thus conveying the meaning of “putting man’s (waste) to work”.