Idea for an anthroponics urinal

Below you can see the first concept idea for an anthroponics urinal:


The main idea is to use the techniques of anthroponics and solve the issue of urine handling by connecting the hydroponic component to the urine collection component.

Here’s how it would work in more detail: The urinal (which might be flush free or not) receives the urine by the donor and collects it in a hidden and airtight reservoir. In this reservoir, there exists a source of urease enzyme to decrease the time it takes to sterilize the urine. There will also be a water pump which will pump the sterilized about 1,5m – 2m height to feed two (or more) zipgrow towers (or equivalent solution).

july_6th_791-480_cda41564-f301-455f-afc1-d55defda45b9_1024x1024.jpg (480×480)

In these towers there will exist a high surface area matrix media made out of non-woven fiber plastic. This plastic will simultaneously be able to hold the plants and, at the same time, harbor the nitrifying bacteria which will convert the ammonia from the urinal into nitrate. At the bottom of the towers there will be a closed gutter system, which will collected the falling water and recirculate it back to the lowest point of the system where the water pump is located.

Depending on the installation, this system could have the towers placed next to windows (privacy concerns notwithstanding), or it would require a simple lighting system using two light tubes to light each individual tower.

The reason this first design showed two towers was due to our calculation that 14 lettuce plants could be grown using the daily amount of urine of one individual. But as with all things, testing will be required to confirm if the amount of urine produced by one individual per day might require more plants (and thus towers) or not.


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