Third anthroponic trial

Our third anthroponic experiment is underway and we are already starting to see some differences in the control cucumber! One downside of having added the wood ash (and even without) is that the pH has been quite high (above 7,00 for control and above 10,00 for system 2 and 3). As such, I have added “pH down” (also known as phosphoric acid) in different amounts and gradually over 2-3 weeks to bring the pH levels below 7,00 in all systems. Some of the older leaves in the plants in system 2 and 3 show the initial struggle with the high pH, but now that it’s more stabilized we can see the system where wood ash was not added is struggling with some form of nutrient deficiency.


As usual, expect a full report at the end of this experiment.

Full report: Lactuca sativa production in an anthroponics system

Below follows the full report on Hemmaodlat’s first experiment with anthroponics. Our initial objective of testing different urine dosages was not achieved as the urine added for cycling was enough to grow all the lettuce seedlings until harvest. Thus a new experiment will be conducted with a different crop and different urine dosages.

Direct link to document here.