Results of the Anthroponics experiment

Below you will find the main information relevant to the anthroponics experiment, as well as the results. The main conclusion from the results is that it was possible to grow 0,6kg of lettuce in total, using only 300mL of aged urine. This means the average amount of urine produced by an adult human per day could safely grow almost 3 kilograms of lettuce.

The full report will be made available soon.



Media materials for promoting Anthroponics

Recently I made a couple of images to promote and explain anthroponics at a more simple level.  Feel free to use them and share them. Additionally, I’ve set up a new page, Gallery, where I’ve included these pictures as well as some of the construction of the proof-of-concept system I built last year.



This last image might not be completely clear, though I did my best to use the most symbolic images. In the left part, we have that a human and a toilet will produce two types of biowaste: urine and feces. The result of urea volatilization, when transformed by nitrifying bacteria, will return plant fertilizer, allowing the production of crops. On the other hand, feces can be consumed by fly larvae (in particular, black soldier fly larvae), which can then be consumed by fish for their production (aquaculture). However, the fish’s own waste can also be transformed by nitryfing bacteria onto plant fertilizer, allowing for the production of both fish and plants (aquaponics).