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List of research and experiments planned and/or conducted by the author of the website, and other authors.

Urine Anthroponics (from author or with author’s input)

1. Aquaponics and its potential aquaculture wastewater treatment and human urine treatment. (29/10/2014, Thesis)

2. Lactuca sativa (lettuce) production in an Anthroponics system. (08/10/2015, Technical Report)

3. Cucumis sativus (cucumber) in an Anthroponics system under different aged urine dosages. (08/11/2015, Technical Report)

4. Citrullus lanatus (watermelon) seeds as a urine catalyst for anthroponics use. (18/01/2016, Technical Report)

5. Wood ash as a nutrient supplement for Cucumis sativus (cucumber) in an anthroponics system. (13/05/2016, Technical Report)

6. Odling av Cucumis Sativus L. med aska från träd som näringstillägg i ett urinbaserat hydroponiskt system. (2016, Verånika Trollblad, Bachelor Thesis)

6. Anthroponics: Combining soiless crop prodution with wastewatertreatment (30/08/2016, Summary of research and results so far)

7. Ocimum basilicum (Basil) and Coriandrum sativum (Coriander) cultivation in a decoupled anthroponics system. (14/12/2016, Technical Report)

8. Testing Iron supplementation in vegetable plants in anthroponic systems. (In progress).

9. Guidelines in designing a Urine Anthroponics system (dosage, ratios, volume of water, volume of biofilter, etc). (In progress).

Other relevant research in urine and/or mixed waste anthroponics

Demonstrating ecological engineering for wastewater treatment in a Nordic climate using aquaculture principles in a greenhouse mesocosm (Guterstam, 1995)

Treatment of domestic wastewater by an hydroponic NFT system (Vaillant et al, 2003)

Treatment and utilization of septic tank effluent using vertical flow constructed wetlands and vegetable hydroponics (Li-hua et al, 2003)

Using commercial plant species in a hydroponic system to treat domestic wastewaters (Vaillant et al, 2004)

Removal of micro-organisms in a small-scale hydroponics wastewater treatment system (Ottoson et al, 2005)

Wastewater garden—a system to treat wastewater with environmental benefits to community (Nair, 2008)

Preliminary study on urine-compost extract as bio-liquid fertiliser for hydroponics (Songthanasak et al, 2012)

Comparative analysis of biogas slurry and urine as sustainable nutrient sources for hydroponic vertical farming (Dumitrescu, 2013)

Application of hydroponic systems for the treatment of source-separated human urine (Yang et al, 2015)

Effect of bacterial root symbiosis and urea as source of nitrogen on performance of soybean plants grown hydroponically for Bioregenerative Life Support Systems (BLSSs) (Paradiso et al, 2015)

Hydroponic growing of corn fertigated with human urine as an alternative source of nutrients (Araújo et al, 2015) (Portuguese)



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